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Magnetic Stove Thermometer – Firestorm Stoves

With a wood stove magnetic thermometer you can safely assure yourself that the internal temperature is not in the danger level, which could cause a fire in the chimney. It simply gives you a visual representation of the stove temperature. The magnetic stve themometer can also be used to measure the temperature of the flue pipe. It helps you reduce or optimise fuel comsumption. The magnetic stove thermometer also helps decrease the risk of damage caused by running the stove too hot. The magnetic stove thermometer also helps optimise the stove temperature and helps reduce the soot and carbon in the chimney.

The Magnetic Stove Thermometer is Suitable For:

  • Log Burners
  • Wood Burners
  • Multi Fuel Stoves
  • Stove Doors
  • Gas Stoves

Stove Gloves / Gauntlets – Firestorm Stoves

The black leather heat resistant gloves protect your hands when handling your wood burning stove. These are essential for any stove owner, protecting your hands when loading logs, coal or any fuel for your stove. Stove gloves are perfect for handling hot stove door handles and will protect you from any accidental burns.

Don’t forget we also supply magnetic stove thermometers, which will help keep your fire under control, check it out here

Stove Glass Dry Wiper

Easily clean your stove glass with the Schott Robax Dry Wiper. No need to use any cleaning products, use the dry wiper sponge to easily lift black dirt and soot from your glass. It’s mess free and the perfect accessory for your stove.

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