SCHOTT ROBAX® Dry Wiper – Easiest Way to Clean Stove Glass

The SCHOTT ROBAX® Dry Wiper cleans without any need for rinsing, smearing or scratching.

No need to scrub to remove the unpleasant sooty fire viewing windows anymore you can just enjoy relaxing in front of your clean stove.



SCHOTT ROBAX® Dry Wiper – The easiest way to clean your stove glass, mess free, dirt eraser.

There is one simple reason consumers buy fireplaces with stove glass: they clearly want to see the burning fire, nested in a safe environment. The SCHOTT ROBAX® Dry Wiper is the industry’s leading solution for cleaning stove glass without affecting the cleanliness of the area around the fireplace. Common methods of cleaning stove glass can be dirty and spread dirt in the close surrounding of the fireplace.

Less cleaning time, guaranteed safety

“That has drawn lots of interest from consumers. ROBAX® Dry Wipers let homeowners spend more time enjoying the fire, and less time cleaning.” 

Isabel Eymael, Head of Marketing at SCHOTT ROBAX®.


For 40 years SCHOTT ROBAX® has been one of the leading suppliers of stove glass for Woodburners. The stove glass is resistant to thermal shock and remains strong and robust under extremely high heat. SCHOTT ROBAX® stove glass is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. 

Any questions? Get in touch today!

Our Team of craftsmen has over 120 years experience between us, which is why over the last few years we’ve been chosen to supply glass of all kinds to stately homes, world heritage sites, local authorities, and other high profile clients.

When it comes to replacement glass for your stove or fireplace you really will be hard pressed to find anyone with more experience or knowledge than we can give you. With this in mind, we understand that there may be things you want advice (such as fitting your stove glass with the Self-Adhesive Gasket Fibre Tape) and we are more than happy to help you.

Feel free to contact Nick Berard, the owner of Stove Glass Direct, for personalised advice at You can also give us a call on 01535 603399. And don’t worry we’re craftsmen, not salesmen!


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