Replacement Stove Glass Fitting Advice

Replacing stove glass for wood burner with self-adhesive gasket

If you own a wood burner or multi-fuel stove, chances are you will need to replace the stove glass at some point. There is more to replacing your stove glass than you might think, so please read our stove glass fitting advice to make sure you fit your replacement stove glass correctly.

Why is it important to fit my stove glass correctly?

Stove glass is ceramic and made to withstand heat of up to 760 degrees. Because stove glass is heat resistant, it cannot be toughened like ordinary glass. For this reason, if the glass is installed incorrectly, the door can warp during heat up or cool down and cause the ceramic to break.

How to replace glass in your wood burner

Fitting procedures may vary between stove manufacturers, so always check your manual before fitting. But typically, this is the procedure for replacing your stove glass.

1. Clean the stove door. Brush the inside of the door, as it will likely to be covered in ash and dirt.

2. If you are able to remove the stove door, this usually makes fitting the glass easier. Your stove manual should explain how to do this.

3. Place the door on a flat surface. Bear in mind the surface is likely to get dirty, so maybe don’t place it straight on your cream sofa.

4. If you have not already, remove the cracked or crazed piece of glass. The way of doing this varies from stove to stove, but there is usually a metal catch that is screwed or bolted to the door. If the catches are a bit tough, soak them in WD40 to loosen them. Take particular care when removing the broken section of the glass – wearing gloves is always a good idea.

5. We recommend applying new stove rope or gasket when replacing your stove glass – your old piece may have become frayed or broken. This may also be a reason your glass has cracked. You can find our easy to fit self-adhesive gasket on our Accessories page.

6. Fit the new glass. Then move the catches back into place, hand tightening any screws or bolt that you loosened during the removal process.

Top tips for changing your stove glass

– Hand tighten the screws only, do not use tools. The glass needs space to expand, without this it will crack.

– We do not recommend using fire cement when fitting the glass as it is not suited for ceramic stove glass.

– Always handle stove glass carefully, especially upon fitting. It is fragile.

– Replace the stove gasket at the same time as replacing the glass

– It is always a good idea to read your stove manual before replacing your glass, as each stove is different.

Need to replacement the glass in your wood burner or stove?

If you’re reading our stove glass fitting advice because you need to replace the glass in your log burner or stove, you can search for replacement glass by make and model. Or, use our size calculator to have it cut to the specific size (mm) that you require.

If your stove glass is shaped, reassemble the broken glass on a piece of cardboard that is larger than the original piece of woodstove glass. Trace around the edges to easily measure the pattern and size of the glass. For accuracy it is sometimes best to send us a template, and we can cut it to that exact size – see here for more info

If you cannot measure the original piece of stove glass, when sizing your replacement glass, do not size the glass to be tight against the brackets. Leave space for expansion and for fitting the gasket or stove rope.

Our glass is manufactured by Schott Robax. They are the market leader in stove glass due to its high quality and performance.