Mica Stove Glass

(Size 100 mm x 125 mm)



Mica is a thin material usually used in older stoves instead of glass. The glass is made from stone and as it is a natural material, it can tend to have a yellow tint to it. The mica can easily be cut with scissors, as it is only 1mm thick. So it can easily be cut to size to fir perfectly into the stove.

Mica breaks off into sheets because of it’s chemical structure, it is a silicate mineral that is mined from the earth. Mica sheets are heat resistant, this makes mica suitable as a replacement for glass in stove windows. It is usually used in older stoves as the window panes tended to be very small. Mica sheets are relatively small and delicate and stove manufacturers stopped using mica with the introduction of ceramic heat resistant ‘glass’. However, mica is flexible and can easily be used for curved windows. It can also withstand high temperatures to around 600°C.

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Mica is traditionally used for older stoves such as Esse Dragon and the Courtier etc. It can easily be cut to size with scissors to suit your stove. If you require larger sizes please call to request a quote on 01535 603399 or email us contact@stoveglassdirect.co.uk.



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