Yeoman CL5 Stove Glass Size 343 mm x 264 mm

Size 343 mm x 264

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Yeoman CL5 stove glass is manufactured by the market leading SCHOTT ROBAX® Suitable for your Yeoman CL5 Stove.

Size 343 mm x 264 mm

Including Free Standard Delivery

At Stove Glass Direct, we supply replacement heat resistant stove glass suitable for any Yeoman Stove.

The exceptional heat resistant stove glass is available for a wide range of Yeoman multi fuel models. It is also suitable for any Yeoman CL5 – Stove Glass (highest quality).

Shott Robax Ceramic Glass

Schott Robax is the highest quality stove glass available which is 4mm thick and can withstand heat up to  760°C.

Cut To Size

If you do not know the exact model of your Yeoman stove, benefit from our online calculator, resulting in a free online quote. Input your measurements in millimetres of the Yeoman glass size, therefore we can cut your stove glass to size.

Shaped Glass

If the Yeoman ceramic stove glass is shaped e.g. a corner is cut or it has an arch, it is recommended that you make a template of the Yeoman stove glass. Email or post to us and we will cut your Yeoman glass to size. Please ensure all dimensions are clearly displayed around the outer edge.

Fitting Replacement Stove Glass

Remember when fitting the Yeoman stove glass to not over tighten the screws. In addition to this, make sure not to use fire cement, as this will also cause the Yeoman stove glass to crack.

Contact Us

At Stove Glass Direct, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Above all, we ensure our customers can receive advice from our team of craftsmen on 01535 603399 or at Whether it be to do with measurements, delivery or fitting your heat resistant stove glass, we are always happy to help.



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